Sky::NET is an international company providing a professional level of IT services around the world.

Our team is specialized in IT Security and quality assurance and optimization, but through our wide network of IT professionals around the world we provide a full set of enterprise services at highest level.

Availability is highly important to us, so we operate 24h a day, 31 days a month and 365 days a year.

We prefer to remotely but are able to go assist anywhere in the world on location where our services are required.

As Sky::NET we deliver the highest quality of services with great efficiency and in the promised deadlines for over ten years.

Our Team at Sky::NET is completely independent from any vendor and we find or most often create the optimal result for the task at hand.

We provide the high level of confidentiality and work most often under strict NDA's. We can not name our clients but at request we can ask them to forward you their honest recommendations for our services. All our clients without exceptions were highly satisfied with our work. You can check our CTO's Mr. Wojciech Kalka's profile on LinkedIn.

Our services include

  • System analysis and optimization
  • Consulting, planning and implementing enterprise IT architecture
  • Penetration testing and Forensic analysis.
  • Project management and admin supervision in IT enterprise systems.
  • Quality assurance for your clients to trust in your IT systems.

While most companies often try hide their cost structure we offer a fair price for all customers. No hidden fees. We calculate our work at 100EUR/h/person calculated on the exact minutes, plus the exact expenses for travel and other logistics without adding anything to it.

We do have a excellent reputation of saving our clients a lot of money, time and hassle.

Sky::NET Services Ltd. was founded by the former CEO of AachTec Gmbh and ethical hacker Mr. W. Kalka in 2014 to extend the local provided services to a global market. In 2016 Mr M. Bishop joined as active CEO of Sky::NET Services Ltd, while Mr. Kalka took over as CTO.

In 2021 we are a small but exquisite and professional team of experts around the globe. Without being limited by office space and office time, we solve IT issues anywhere and anytime at a fair price, most often we take over where other companies fail and solve the issue to the highest customer satisfaction.

We take privacy protection seriously so we do not provide individual team member email directly.

Just scan the code with your mobile to send us an email.

PGP Key ::

PGP Fingerprint ::

3E91 B392 E153 D7B2 EAC3 04C2 EA9E A032 2191 FFBD

Telegram, Skype, Teams, Signal on request

Btw we do not accept any physical post, neither old school phone calls. We consider them obsolete and insecure.

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